Monday, July 20, 2009

Do you have an internet connection? Your neighbour may Thank You!

Industry Canada has unveiled a new mapping system for their nation wide broadband assessment, and are looking for your input. If you have internet, no matter how you get it (DSL, Wireless, Cable, Fibre, or dial-up), no matter where you live (in Canada), please take a moment and put yourself on the map.

This information will assist Industry Canada to continue to move broadband coverage forward.

Question: I already have broadband. Why would I bother adding myself to the map?

Answer: Gathering comprehensive information on broadband coverage is difficult and the coverage is continually changing. By adding yourself to the map, resources can be properly focused to continue to deploy broadband to the most needed areas.

If you already have broadband you will be assisting in determining where broadband is, and how fast it is. This information also then makes it clear where broadband "is not".

Muskoka Community Network would appreciate it if you take a moment and provide this information to Industry Canada.

For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at

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Susan Gammage said...

Great idea! Please encourage the local papers to cover this "story", to reach a larger audience.

What type of internet connection do you have?