Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Unserved Rural Residents and Businesses Anticipated to Benefit from New Service

BRACEBRIDGE – January 14th, 2008 - Muskoka Community Network (MCN) is
pleased to announce that high speed internet (broadband) has arrived for the first time ever in the following areas:

Within the town of Gravenhurst
• West Gravenhurst

Within the town of Bracebridge
• Portions of Springdale Park
• Portions of Falkenburg Station, and
• Stephenson Road 1 near Highway 11

Within the township of Georgian Bay
• Expanded high speed internet has been delivered south and west of the town of Mactier.

Service is expected to arrive within the town of Huntsville the first quarter of 2008 and
within the township of Lake of Bays the third quarter of 2008.

“For the past two years, Muskoka Community Network has been working hard to bring
high speed internet to the 12,000 Muskoka-based businesses and residents operating
without it,” said Rob McPhee, Executive Director, Muskoka Community Network.

“Thanks to substantial funding from FedNor ─ and the efforts of Core Broadband in
building the necessary infrastructure ─ our plans are coming to fruition.”
The newly established wireless broadband coverage is expected to reach 80 per cent of
the unserved population in the areas noted above. These areas are the first to receive high
speed under this project. Coverage will continue to improve as more towers come online.

For those unable to access high speed wireless service, satellite high speed may be

IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT in these communities, or areas, and would like to determine if
you are eligible for high speed wireless on this network, contact a Core Broadband reseller.

To find a Core Broadband reseller visit www.corebroadband.ca and click on ISP’S (internet
service providers).

You can also find a complete list of ISP’s IN MUSKOKA by visiting

About FedNor
FedNor is a federal regional development organization in Ontario that works with a
variety of partners, as both a facilitator and catalyst, to help create an environment in
which communities can thrive, businesses can grow and people can prosper.

In 2007, Muskoka Community Network secured $1.7 million from FedNor towards the
development of an infrastructure to deliver broadband to unserved areas; and through an
open bidding process retained Core Broadband to begin building the necessary
infrastructure early last year.

About Muskoka Community Network
Muskoka Community Network (MCN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
facilitating the implementation of telecommunications solutions for the regions of
Muskoka and Almaguin by working with, and forming partnerships with both the public
and private sectors.


For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Rob McPhee
Muskoka Community Network 705-646-9044

Alison Withey
Blue Whale Communications Inc.

For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at www.mcnet.ca

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another ISP reseller joins the Open Access Network!

Click Here to find the areas which are now being served by the company Core Broadband , which MCN has contracted to build the open access network in Muskoka. The service area is continually expanding so please check back often. Now two resellers, Vianet and Surenet, have joined this open access network to provide expanded coverage to Muskoka. Contact information for these ISP's is listed on the ISP reseller section of Core Broadband's website.

If you cannot get broadband (high speed) coverage under Core Broadband's network you may be able to get coverage from other ISP's in Muskoka. Click Here for a comprehensive list of ISP's operating in our area.

For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Municipality Turns to E-Business

According to the Bracebridge Examiner, Muskoka Lakes Township has recently adopted a new form of e-business to serve residents called BizPal.

The BizPal service allows businesses to receive documents and permits electronically via broadband. This is an excellent example of how municipalities (or really any organization) can embrace e-business to serve their population.

For more information visit the Township website at http://www.muskokalakes.ca/

For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at http://www.mcnet.ca/

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Broadband Improves Education Opportunities

As you probably know, Muskoka has a large rural area which has many areas and communities which are unserved by broadband.

I was recently speaking with a high school teacher in Muskoka who teaches technology related curriculum to his students. He was explaining how his students are "HAVE" and "HAVE NOT" students. What he meant was the "BROADBAND HAVES", and the "BROADBAND HAVE NOTS".

He went on to explain how the HAVES have better access to research material for school projects. Additionally, he explained how the HAVES socialize with their peers online in a way that the HAVE NOTS are not able to.

Now consider the post secondary education scene. Recently the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering free courses online. This is attracting over 1,000,000 (1 million) broadband users a month, including users from as far away as Istanbul (Turkey). So it is really very easy to see how access to broadband means access to education and training. For more information see http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2007/12/31/mit.html

In Muskoka we want students of all ages to have access to the resources and materials that will empower the upcoming generation. Good access to broadband will play a vital role in that empowerment.
For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network at our website at http://www.mcnet.ca

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