Monday, July 20, 2009

Broadband Canada- Connecting Rural Canadians

The first phase of the Broadband Canada: Connecting Rural Canadians - the broadband mapping verification process - began July 6th. We are inviting Canadians to tell us about their Internet access. Canadians can find their location on a map of Canada and from there they will be directed to a summary information page which will tell them if, according to our information, that location has broadband Internet access. From there they will be able to complete a feedback form to give us more information about their service.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is also being asked to verify their coverage by July 24th. This exercise is primarily directed at facilities-based ISPs, but re-sellers are also be invited to participate. Through an email invitation, ISPs will be directed to the mapping website (( and provided with a username and password to access PDF maps that indicate broadband coverage in Canada, and another group of corresponding PDF maps with numbered hexagons. We are asking ISP to send us their coverage information either in MapInfo Pro files, or simply list the hexagon numbers that correspond to their coverage.

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For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at

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