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Muskoka, Ontario ─ January 19th, 2009 ─ Muskoka Community Network (MCN) is pleased to announce that high speed internet has arrived for the first time ever in the remote areas of:

· Moose Deer Point, a first nations community
· Bella Lake, Lake of Bays
· Clear Lake, Bracebridge
· Madill Church, just south of Huntsville
· and the outlying areas of Taylor Road, Bracebridge

“High speed is more than a business advantage, it’s a basic business requirement,” said Eric Lindgren, head potter, Lindgren Pottery Showroom and resident, Madill Church.

“In its absence, all communications – be it with customers, suppliers or even the government – are a struggle, and at times counterproductive,” Lindgren added. “I’m looking forward to a substantial decrease in the insanity now that we have high speed in the Madill Church area.”

Additional service is being expanded in the Townships of Lake of Bays and Georgian Bay, as well as the Towns of Huntsville, Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. Please check http://www.mcnet.ca/projects/broadsched/ for more information.

“At a time when the economy is under duress, the extension of high speed to as many people as possible is more important than ever,” said Rob McPhee, Executive Director, at Muskoka Community Network. “In fact, in December FedNor echoed this sentiment with an additional investment of $491,200.00, enabling Muskoka Community Network to continue coordinating the deployment of broadband services and provide training opportunities to the residents and businesses of Muskoka and Almaguin,” added McPhee.

To date, Muskoka Community Network has successfully coordinated the arrival of high speed internet in 18 previously unserviced locations, including the first nation community of Moose Deer Point.

Within Bracebridge:
Portions of Springdale Park
Portions of Falkenburg Station
Stephenson Road 1 near Highway 11
Outlying areas of Taylor Road
Clear Lake

Within the Township of Georgian Bay:
South of the town of Mactier
West of the town of Mactier

Within Gravenhurst:
Housey Rapids
West Gravenhurst

Within Huntsville:
Madill Church – just south of Huntsville

Within Lake of Bays:
Tasso Lake
Toad Lake
Blue Lake
Parts of Camp Lake
Bella Lake

Within First Nations Communities:
Moose Deer Point

“Core Broadband was retained by Muskoka Community Network to build the actual infrastructure and we’re proud to have played such a large role in connecting 18 communities to date, said Neil Smellie, Core Broadband. “Having said that, we are incredibly appreciative of the work done by Indigiinet, an internet service provider, whom we sub-contracted to assist in the establishment of high speed within the first nations community of Moose Deer Point. It was Bill Hay, Chairman and CEO of Indigiinet who worked closely with the communities’ Band Council to make it happen.”

This newly established wireless broadband coverage is expected to reach 80 per cent of the unserved population within these areas. Coverage will continue to improve as more towers come on-line. For those unable to access high speed wireless service, satellite high speed may be available.

IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT in these communities, or areas, and would like to determine if you are eligible for high speed wireless on this network, contact a Core Broadband reseller. To find a Core Broadband reseller visit www.corebroadband.ca and click on ISP’S (internet service providers).

You can also find a complete list of ISP’s IN MUSKOKA by visiting http://www.mcnet.ca/servicedirectory/ISP/

About FedNor
FedNor is a federal regional development organization in Ontario that works with a variety of partners, as both a facilitator and catalyst, to help create an environment in which communities can thrive, businesses can grow and people can prosper.

In 2007, Muskoka Community Network secured $1.7 million from FedNor towards the development of an infrastructure to deliver broadband to unserved areas; and through an open bidding process retained Core Broadband to begin building the necessary infrastructure early last year.

About Muskoka Community Network
Muskoka Community Network (MCN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the implementation of telecommunications solutions for the regions of Muskoka and Almaguin, by working with and forming partnerships with both the public and private sectors.


For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Rob McPhee

Muskoka Community Network




Alison Withey

Blue Whale Communications Inc.




For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at

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