Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calling All Muskoka Business and Technology Geniuses! - Business and Technology Centre

We Need Your Input

Muskoka Community Network is facilitating the development of an advanced Muskoka Business and Technology Centre and we need your help.

Our vision is to create a centre of excellence that will support Muskoka business and technology development and to deliver training to further develop the technology workforce, economy, and culture in Muskoka.

We have an appropriate facility with UltraBroadband capacity, but we want your input into the design and capability of this facility. Come and join us on February 25th, 2009 at 1p.m. and contribute to the vision of the Muskoka Business and Technology Centre.

It will be exciting to hear your ideas on:

  • What technological capacity your organization needs, but doesn't have access to;

  • What human capacity your organization needs in relation to business and technology development, but doesn't have access to;

  • What technological capacity Muskoka needs;

  • The culture of a community based "Business and Technology Centre";

  • How a community based "Business and Technology Centre" might operate.

Some possible ideas include:

  • Community Video Streaming Centre

  • Video Rendering

  • Public Fibre access point

  • Application Development

  • Shared access to advanced computing resources

  • Technology Training Catalogue

  • And of course a technology training centre

We encourage you to post a comment on this article to get us all thinking about what this centre might look like.

We hope to see you on Feb 25th, 2009 at 1 p.m. at 440 Ecclestone Drive, Bracebridge, ON. We are located here....


Muskoka Community Network

For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network website at

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Kenneth Donald said...

This is good news and a really excellent initiative. The first things that spring to mind are the telemedicine training that is made possible for the Northern School of Medicine using ORION

Toronto is also a centre for movie CGI, wouldn't it be nice to attract some of that talent to Muskoka?

Looking forward to teh session on February 29th. See you then.


Kenneth Donald & Associates

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