Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Broadband Improves Education Opportunities

As you probably know, Muskoka has a large rural area which has many areas and communities which are unserved by broadband.

I was recently speaking with a high school teacher in Muskoka who teaches technology related curriculum to his students. He was explaining how his students are "HAVE" and "HAVE NOT" students. What he meant was the "BROADBAND HAVES", and the "BROADBAND HAVE NOTS".

He went on to explain how the HAVES have better access to research material for school projects. Additionally, he explained how the HAVES socialize with their peers online in a way that the HAVE NOTS are not able to.

Now consider the post secondary education scene. Recently the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering free courses online. This is attracting over 1,000,000 (1 million) broadband users a month, including users from as far away as Istanbul (Turkey). So it is really very easy to see how access to broadband means access to education and training. For more information see

In Muskoka we want students of all ages to have access to the resources and materials that will empower the upcoming generation. Good access to broadband will play a vital role in that empowerment.
For more information on broadband and technology in Muskoka, visit the Muskoka Community Network at our website at

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